The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MINTIC) of Colombia in conjunction with ViveLab Bogotá, the National Land Agency and the National University of Colombia

In the respective Twitter accounts of the different institutions involved in the project, it is shown with a live video, a prototype of the block chain technology can be used in the future in the New Granada country. According to the speakers themselves, they decided to use the Ethereum blockchain for its ductility, compared to others such as Hyperledger Fabric.

The project consists of a pilot program that helps the National Land Agency to reduce the time in the land restitution process. The demonstration, also sponsored by the National University of Colombia, served as a small contribution to provide knowledge about this technology and the benefits of the application in cases like these.


happy to announce the listing of BELA. We have been in contact with the team and it has been great to work with them. We share the common interest in the proliferation of the blockchain industry with viable products that will stand the test of time