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Anyone following crypto markets at all should understand that a vast majority of tokens have no practical use or no value in the underlying platform. Not so for UnikoinGold and the Unikrn platform. Tokens are already usable, and the team expects more and more partnerships in the near future. Although they claim UKG isn’t an investment token, the crypto market will likely reward greater use with higher token value.

Or at least it should if the crypto market stands to become a legit way to value companies. Take a look at today’s blog from Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood.

UnikoinGold is the first crypto approved by a Las Vegas Strip casino to be used in prizes in our…


There are no barriers that crypto can’t break down, and no industry that wouldn’t be improved with proper blockchain utilization.

Obviously Unikrn breathes this mantra; it’s why we had one of the most rigorous token launch processes in history. We have years of experience building a token economy, we collected data, found necessary use cases, built our customer base, created technologies for a regulated blockchain ecosystem, and applied for patents. We did this before we sold a single token.

Because we know the right token in the right space at the right time can change history. We know UnikoinGold is the future of esports. That belief is what powered the single largest token sale in esports and gaming history.

In short, yeah, we’re pretty big proponents of crypto.

Older industries, traditional banking, finance, entertainment, gambling, don’t always see new technology with rose-colored glasses. It’s that resistance to change that fuels revolutions, and smart business people know it.

We are believers that in order for crypto to go mainstream, we need regulation designed to protect consumers; we need governments and banks to embrace it, and – most importantly – we need companies to make it easier for consumers to use.

Unikrn has focused teams in all three of these areas, and we have much to share in the coming months.

That’s why it’s such a breath of fresh air to be working with the world’s finest destination resort, the MGM Grand Las Vegas, a casino group that’s open to new innovations and ideas. As many of you know Unikrn announced a partnership with MGM where we are running casual weekly esports tournaments at the Level Up lounge inside one of the most high traffic areas of the MGM Grand Casino. As crypto is still fairly new it took some work, but we are finally here.

UnikoinGold is the first crypto approved by a Las Vegas Strip casino to be used in prizes in our esports tournaments!
As of this week, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the first real-world location you can win UnikoinGold, a groundbreaking and historic moment for gamers, crypto enthusiasts and honestly the future of fintech and entertainment in general. Starting this week, you’ll be able to win UKG by attending and winning prizes at our Unikrn Esports casual-competitive events.

I know that we drop a major announcement every week, so it might be overwhelming. There’s a reason no other crypto asset has found this kind of breakthrough. We worked with Nevada regulators to help get them up to speed on the benefits of UnikoinGold, and we gave them a responsible plan to implement UKG into our weekly events at the Level Up Lounge in the MGM Grand.

This is going to drive awareness of crypto, and specifically UnikoinGold, in a big, sustainable way. We get players in our events from every corner of the globe, walking up to try their hand at Fortnite, Tekken, FIFA and other titles. You can do it yourself anytime you’re in Vegas.

But now every player will walk away knowing a little more about crypto, a little more aware of the way it is poised to change the world, down to the little things like a Las Vegas vacation, or even your CS:GO pubs.

If it were easy to get crypto onto one of the planet’s most trafficked tourist destinations in the world, you bet your ass it would be commonplace. If it were hard, it’d still be commonplace. But it’s honestly damn near impossible until the perfect token, the perfect company and the perfect partnership comes along and pitches it with honesty, integrity and utility.

That’s Unikrn. That’s UnikoinGold. And you’re going to keep seeing a lot more breakthroughs. We are continuing to do the work that will make UKG a standard in our industries: gaming, wagering and esports.

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