New Report Shows that 2018 was a Good Year for Ripple


In spite of a terrible year for cryptocurrencies in 2018, a new report by Ripple of the fourth quarter of 2018 shows that they year ended pretty well for the cryptocurrency with rising volumes.

Ripple Q4 2018 Market Report Boasts of Increased Trading Volumes | AllStocks Network

This just proves that the crypto market is extremely unexpected and altcoins are less dependent on Bitcoin, at least far less than they used to be. Do you think Ripple will keep on growing in spite of a downturn sentiment of the crypto market?


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Right now XRP sits down over 90% from its ATH. Despite continued work behind the scenes on bank partnerships, payment systems, currency exchange processes, and government interest in the Ripple network as a means for currency exchanges, the price of XRP barely budges.

Something has to give at some point. Either some of the many cryptos out there have utility and value, and the price will eventually reflect that, or the entire market is built on bogus fantasy promises and will head towards zero.

I believe XRP will be a survivor, but my patience is definitely bein tested. Nothing but quick moves based on market rumors then returns to the low $0.30’s in price. Over and over. And we hear less and less from big investment companies about plans to trade crypto or use crypto.

Something will give soon, I just don’t know what direction this will head. But these doldrums can’t last much longer in my opinion.

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OK, so now the major market players got what they wanted with the ability to buy and sell XRP on Coinbase Pro using USD or BTC.

Where’s the big market bump? Where’s the Coinbase jump?

Is crypto so dead now that we can’t get 10% jump on a major change like this?

What it’s going to take to bring enough new money into large cap cryptos to get some decent upward price pressure?