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Discussion in 'Trading and TA' started by The CC Forums, Jul 27, 2019.

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    This section is for discussion of crypto trading and related topics. It isn’t for product endorsement or subtle promotional links.

    All promotional posts for airdrops, tokens, ICOs, Wallets, investing services, newsletters, mining, Telegram channels, other sites, etc will be deleted.

    TCF was created as an alternative to bitcointalk and reddit which allow constant spam posts.

    Serious advertisers may use a Sponsor account at our introductory rate of $99 for a year. This will allow you a thread in the Sponsor section to list your products, have Q&A discussions and increased image embeds, video embeds and external links.

    Other advertising options coming soon. Contact @The CC Forums if you’d like to discuss custom ads at this point.

    Thank you for following our No Spam policy.
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