Order Top Shelf Medical Grade Buds From The Farmers

Discussion in 'Altcoins General' started by geffojr, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. geffojr

    geffojr Starting Investor

    Yo all, I found a link on this site last week for weed and i placed an order and it came. I got 2 ounces of Kush from them for half price on each ounce. The stealth is legend and there speed at delivery is also very fast and the weed is OMG totally potent to smoke and has me high as **** as i write this. You can check these guys out for yourself if you want to here is there site teamweedforbuds2018 they have been running since 2016 and have 100s of happy customers shopping with them all the time there great at what they do and i already put another order in for a larger amount so happy days. Really great bunch of folks who sell there buds at cut prices better than anyone else around that is for sure.
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