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What is the difference between DApps and protocols?

The emergence of blockchain technology has brought about revolutionary advancements in decentralized systems. Two vital components of this ecosystem are Decentralized Applications (DApps) and protocols, each playing distinct roles and contributing to the growth of decentralized technologies.

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What are stablecoins?

The value of stablecoins is intended to remain constant. Stablecoins offer an alternative digital currency that is more appropriate for everyday usage than other forms of crypto since they do away with volatility. Hence, if a crypto holder has USDT reserves and decides to purchase a car one day, they can count on having the same sum of money on their wallet no matter how much time passes.

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Top up your prepaid Visa card with TRX and USDT TRC-20!

Visa prepaid cards are the same as debit cards. But you don't need to link them to a bank account. Top up card with crypto and pay worldwide.

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Gamefam Brings SpongeBob and TMNT to Roblox!

The first company that uses Roblox as a game development platform, Gamefam, is once again making waves in the web3 gaming realm. This time, having joined forces with Paramount's Nickelodeon, the renowned blockchain games developer is to bring the iconic SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon franchises to the Roblox metaverse. Both gamified experiences are scheduled to launch by the end of 2023.

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What makes Tether (USDT) unique and what gives it value?

Even though the issuer of Tether is under frequent suspicions, USDT ensures since it has been used and accepted for years. It is widely recognised as a payment mechanism and a medium of exchange by many businesses and protocols inside the blockchain ecosystem. Tether is immune to market dangers like Black Swan occurrences because of its enormous reserves. Peer-to-peer trading and PoW or PoS security are two additional features that USDT shares with other cryptocurrency tokens on the network, making it an attractive hedge for both consumers and traders.

What Gives Tether (USDT) Value?

Since the USDT does not theoretically appreciate or depreciate in value, it offers liquidity and acts as a hedge against market volatility. The USD reserves of Tether are the only factor affecting the price of Tether (USDT). The value of Tether will always equal one US dollar as long as it is backed in 1:1 ratio. Read more on our blog: https://ownrwallet.com/blog/what-cryptocurrency-tether-usdt-and-how-does-it-work/

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Metcalfe's Law and Its Application in Cryptocurrencies

Metcalfe's Law, originally conceived for the telecommunications industry, serves as a foundational principle for comprehending the network effect within communication systems, including blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies.

The concept, coined by Robert Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet, holds significance in assessing a network's influence based on user connections. It suggests that a network's value increases exponentially with the square of its users or nodes. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, this law implies that the expansion of users corresponds to the growth in value and utility of the network.

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NFT Mystery Boxes Explained

NFT mystery boxes offer a unique experience in the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These packages contain a selection of NFTs, marketed as surprises or random finds. Buyers discover the contents only after purchase, just like traditional mystery boxes.

These boxes can include various digital assets, such as video games, collectibles, virtual real estate, and artwork, adding excitement and gamification to the NFT market.

NFT mystery boxes are available on NFT marketplaces, allowing customers to digitally open the boxes and reveal their NFTs. The rarity and value of the contents make it an enticing prospect for collectors.

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What is Metaverse Land?

The Sandbox is a metaverse and gaming ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain, offering users the ability to create, share, and monetize assets and gaming experiences within its virtual world. Developed by Pixowl, The Sandbox aims to revolutionize the traditional gaming industry, where platforms typically retain control over user-generated content, limiting the rights of creators and gamers. In contrast, The Sandbox grants users complete ownership of their in-world creations.

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7 blockchain-based platforms for content creators

Blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries, including content creation. It empowers content creators by providing them with tools to protect their work, receive fair compensation, and engage with a global audience. In this article, we will explore seven blockchain-based platforms that offer unique opportunities for content producers.

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What Is Binance Coin (BNB), and How Does It Work?

The largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, Binance, introduced the utility token BNB, formerly known as Binance Coin. It drives the Binance-built BNB Chain, a smart contract blockchain network that serves as the hub for several initiatives. On the Binance exchange, it also performs a number of functions.

BNB's value soared as Binance and its blockchain network gained popularity. Investors who purchased at the beginning of 2021 ended the year with gains of more than 1,200%. This BNB Coin guide will discuss what it does and if it's a wise investment at the moment. Let's get started.

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OWNR Wallet Affiliate program offers webmasters, publishers, marketers, bloggers and opinion leaders a LIFETIME income from promoting a crypto-offer.

Affiliate profitability is calculated from NET PROFIT from conversions:
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What is Proof-of-Work?

Proof-of-Work, often abbreviated as PoW, stands as the foundational consensus algorithm within a Blockchain network.

In the context of a Blockchain, this algorithm serves the purpose of validating transactions and generating fresh blocks on the chain. With PoW, miners engage in competition to execute transactions on the network, consequently earning rewards for their efforts.

Within this network, users transfer digital tokens among themselves, which are then aggregated into blocks on a decentralized ledger. However, a critical step involves confirming these transactions and structuring the blocks.

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Government Surveillance of Bitcoin Transactions

Cryptocurrency Ownership Tracking

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin operate on blockchain technology, which offers transparency in transactions. This transparency enables both the government and the general public to monitor cryptocurrency transactions conducted on a specific blockchain. Due to this transparency, law enforcement agencies like the police, the FBI, and the IRS can observe activities on the Bitcoin blockchain. The traceability of Bitcoin transactions hinges on whether these transactions can be linked to individuals' identities.

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How to control stress and depression in a crypto winter​

To maintain your mental well-being during the crypto winter, it's advisable to avoid relying solely on digital currencies for income.

Given the constant market volatility and the round-the-clock nature of the crypto market, people tend to monitor market movements incessantly to prevent financial losses.

This behavior can lead to sleep disruption, fatigue, increased anxiety, and a fear of failure.This article discusses strategies for preventing crypto addiction and managing stress and depression related to cryptocurrency investments during the impending crypto winter.

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We are here with some useful tips on how to become an owner of crypto! Crypto may seem very complicated but with OWNR the process of buying won’t seem any difficult. But we wanted to give you some secrets on how to make this process even smoother.

✅ Prepare all the documents in advance. All you need to have for KYC verification is an identity document (you will have to take a picture of it right away) and proof of address (utility bill or a bank statement) in PDF or JPG format. Note! We don’t accept screenshots. Then your KYC will take only a couple of minutes.

✅ Create an order before KYC. That way the order will be paid out the minute your KYC will be approved.

✅ Turn on notifications in your OWNR Wallet app, so you know when the crypto will arrive at your address. This is a very convenient feature that will help you not to lose your time and spend your just-bought crypto!

Buying crypto has never been easier. Try it yourself!

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What is a trading journal. And How to Use It

A trading journal serves as a comprehensive record of your trading activities, encompassing risk management, strategy assessment, and psychological factors. While analyzing price changes through charts is helpful, it's not the sole avenue for successful trading. Employing a disciplined approach, such as maintaining a trading journal, can guard against emotional decisions impacting financial investments.

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What Is a Satoshi, the Smallest Unit on the Bitcoin Blockchain?

Understanding Satoshi, the Smallest Unit on the Bitcoin Blockchain:

The concept of a Satoshi, the smallest divisible unit within the Bitcoin blockchain, holds a significant place in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Exploring the nature and significance of a Satoshi is crucial to grasp its broader implications in the world of blockchain technology.

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Understanding Crypto-Backed Mortgages

The concept of crypto-backed mortgages involves utilizing digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as collateral to secure traditional mortgage loans. This practice emerged alongside the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, driven by their high volatility and potential for value appreciation.

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Understanding the 51 Percent Attack

A 51 percent attack, also known as a majority attack, arises when a user or group controls the majority of mining power.
The attackers wield enough influence to dominate network events.
They can monopolize block generation and obstruct other miners from completing blocks.
Transactions can be reversed.

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What is a Web3 browser?

Introduction to Web3 Browsers​

Web3 browsers have emerged as a new way to navigate the internet, offering users enhanced privacy, security, and access to decentralized applications (DApps) and digital economies. These browsers, like Brave, bring together Distributed Ledger Technologies, AI, and Metaverse concepts to shape the future of online interaction.

Evolution of Web Interaction​

The foundation of Web3 browsers lies in the communication between computers through web services. These services, often presented as APIs, enable the exchange of data over the internet. The Web itself comprises interconnected hypertext materials accessed through browsers, allowing users to navigate between multimedia-rich web pages using hyperlinks.

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