Powh3d, more interesting than you would think.

Chris Dejevij

Powh3d is a a pretty controversial token at the moment, either you hate it, or you love it.

The project is a decentralized exchange where you can trade etherium for p3d tokens.
This exchange could also be same as some kind of "game", as there are multiple strategies you could choose from. Shutting down the exchange isimpossible, as the exchange is completely decentralized and each etherium transaction is handled by the smart contract.

The special thing about this game are the buy and sell fees. The fees do not go to the exchange; they go to the token holders. The amount of "dividends" one gets is based on the amount of tokens he or she holds. This means that 10% of all volume goes to the token holders. Token prices are decided by the amount of tokens in the circulation. A token buy or sell changes the price by a fractional amount of ETH (about .0000001 eth).

P3D's future is decided by its community. If the market gets stagnant then people will start to sell, this adds volume and revives the market. This is what is meant by Proof of Weak Hands.
I don't know what the best strategy is: keep on reinvesting your dividends? Holding your dividends and reinvesting at a low point? Buying and selling quickly will only cause loss, because the fees will eat you alive. The community, however, will gladly take those dividends.

The community knows that they are part of the project. I've seen a lot of comments regarding powh devs giving youtubers etherium to shill. As far as I know, this is false. Advertising is mostly done by the community, as it is in their best interest.

Once you have accumulated 5 tokens (which is very quick), you obtain a masternode.
A masternode is basically a referal link. If someone makes a purchase using your masternode you get 30% of their 10% fee. The exchange will remember the last masternode you've clicked.

I think p3d is a refreshing and an interesting project, but I understand people that shy away from is.
If you're interested, make sure to read up on powh3d yourself. The code is open source and quite easy to understand.

Feel free to use my masternode:
PoWH3D: Cryptocurrency in Three Dimensions

Discord link: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

Code: Ethereum Accounts, Address and Contracts

I am by no means an economics or a crypto expert, but if you have any questions I'll try to answer the best I can. You can also try our discord!