Progress moves fast for Unikrn

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Crypto is a fast moving technology, and Unikrn is no exception according to CEO Rahul Sood’s latest blog.

Our community frequently tells us we’re moving too fast to follow

“Our community frequently tells us we’re moving too fast to follow. I get it. We launch new features, partnerships or other major announcements every week. Even the most diehard Unikrn fan might have trouble keeping up.

We do our best to make following the pulse of the scene easy, whether that is tracking your favorite OWL teams, your own games, UnikoinGold or your favorite gaming platform (us).

That’s why the Unikrn content and community team put together this overview of everything since the UnikoinGold token sale. Although it’s not exhaustive, it will help put the sheer scale and scope of our evolution into perspective.


We got that together on Friday and it’s alreadyout of date because today we launched one of Unikrn’s largest platform updates in our history. Check out the site and you’ll see tons of changes, include enormous improvements in load time and interface speed.

This front-end is built on a new, unbelievably fast technology stack and has brought updates small and large to just about every page on Unikrn. Some highlights:

  • Esportsbook stats to help you follow your favorite teams and titles without watching every game, letting you make informed decisions no matter how much time you have to watch games


  • Detailed history information in our updated Connekt. Track your play, lifetime or match stats for various titles while earning UKG or UKS just for playing, and even trade your unwanted skins for UKG in the inventory interface
  • More intuitive news format that lets you seek out exactly the kind of coverage you want, whether it’s podcasts, video, written word or crypto/Unikrn updates.
I’m very proud of the team for creating such a substantial quality-of-life improvement for our entire community, and I know this is only the start for our platform’s continued growth.

Check out some more details about the changeand explore the site for yourself! If you haven’t signed up for Connekt, the new design makes it easier than ever. And don’t worry if you can’t bet on our esportsbook because of your region: you can still play completely for free with UnikoinSilver from any region, and you can still use that UKS to win real prizes and rewards in our jackpots.”