Ready, Traders? Meet Columbus - Epicenter of Decentralization



With the digital release of “Ready Player One” coming out tomorrow (followed by Blu-ray on July 24), it got me thinking.

If you recall, the events of the movie take place in Columbus, which thanks to a VR revolution, is the fastest growing city on Earth.

As it happens IRL, the author of the story (Ernest Cline) worked in tech support for CompuServe. It was America’s first major internet service provider (as well as birthplace of the GIF) and called Columbus its home.

As some might put it, that would make Columbus the former home of the centralized internet. It’s by no mistake that today’s ISP's still run their lines through what is now an Expedient Data Center. (It’s actually a pretty cool place, as far as data centers go).

Within easy reach of CompuServe’s former HQ there are now home offices of at least three blockchain projects – Ethex, SafeChain, and Substratum. Contrary to the status quo of their respective realms, these teams are here to help usher in the decentralized, easier to use, faster world of the near future.

Ethex – Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are many cryptocurrencies out there. A portion of these already possess utility, tokens we can use now for everyday activities such as rewarding content creators, rendering movies and getting rewarded for providing cloud storage. is unique. It's the only marketplace focused on helping us trade useful tokens, with a curated selection we can enjoy today.

Check it out now at Ethex

SafeChain – Addresses the inefficiencies of real estate transactions. Using blockchain, their first product SafeWire is used to verify the identities of all parties involved in the closing process. Their goal is to get real estate transaction times down to just 30 seconds.

Find out more at Title Fraud Prevention Software | SafeWire by SafeChain

Substratum – Seemingly more relevant by the day, enables us to get paid for hosting websites and for forwarding content, all the while viewing internet content in a regular browser without censorship.

Learn more today at

Disclaimer: This article was written by, Dr. Khozin, I have his permission to republish it.