Real Estate Tokenized Asset, UBETS Lists On Binance DEX

Samad Malik


Funder One Capital, LLC a real estate tokenization blockchain firm has listed its digital token on Binance DEX, one of the most popular and high liquidity decentralized exchanges. Trading opens for the UBETS/BNB pair. This comes as yet another important milestone in the development roadmap of the project.
Funder One Capital, LLC is a blockchain firm positioned to revamp the real estate sector by offering a ‘Non-Recourse Funding Program’ that tokenizes assets, creates liquidity, and eliminates the debts in the real estate industry using Blockchain’s Smart Contracts and a decentralized peer to peer funding structure.
The company is registered with the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and was founded by IT specialist and asset management guru, Noe Alejandro Granados Guzman, and other innovative team members who have formidable years of experience in the real estate and blockchain sector.

By offering real exchange tokenized assets, Funder One Capital is solving the biggest problems that have plagued the real estate industry and consequently eliminating the resultant factors responsible for the 2008 real estate bubbles. With its suites of innovative cutting-edge technologies, the company is poised to showcase blockchain capabilities in the real estate sector.
The firm's crypto exchange-traded products, UBETS is the digital token that powers the Funder One ecosystem and primarily used for facilitating all real estate transactions.
Commenting on future exchange listing, the team reiterated their commitment towards ensuring the project’s long term goal in building sustainable, world-class real estate products:
“We are at an important phase in project development and we are proud to be listed on Binance DEX. Our focus concerning future listing is to onboard other bigger, reputable exchanges to provide deep liquidity for our community. This is just the starting point for all of us, and we are not slowing down. As things unfold we will continue to share future development updates”
According to information available in the whitepaper, the company cushions against a potential real estate crash by providing a “Non-Recourse Funding Program,” consequently helping Investors mitigate risk and maximizing returns on investment in the shortest time frame.
The UBETS token is backed by tokenized real estate and other hard assets strategically located around the world. The first tokenized real estate product on the platform went live on November 11, 2019. The details are verifiable through Ethereum’s etherscan.
It's fascinating how blockchain brings transparency and accountability to almost all industries through a traceable verifiable public ledger. Even though blockchain is still a relatively new technology, its disruptive impact cuts across almost all industries, and Funder One Capital is already doing a lot to become the face of blockchain’s tokenization product in the real estate industry.
In addition to Binance DEX, UBETS is currently listed on other DEX exchanges including McAfeeDEX, ForkDelta, ETherDelta, Bitcratci DEX, TokenJar, and Bamboorelay.
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