Recovering your assets (Cryptonia)


According to a statement released on Aug. 21, Cryptopia did not use individual crypto wallets; instead, crypto-assets were pooled or co-mingled in coin wallets. Being a centralized exchange, users’ trade took place in the internal ledger of the exchange without confirmation on the blockchain.

“We are working to reconcile the accounts of over 900,000 customers, many holding multiple crypto-assets, millions of transactions and over 400 different crypto-assets. These must be reconciled one-by-one,”

Meaning they can’t figure out what assets belong to who and how to refund, for most my clients that required my help when trying to recover their finances from cryptonia this was the case. We had to go through a lot to make sure all assets where verified to belong to my clients and refunded.

Source: Update for Cryptopia account holders 20 August 2019