Ripple News: Ripple Has Partnered with More Than 100 Companies


On Thursday tihs week (Sep 6, 2018), Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen revealed that Ripple has signed production contracts with more than 100 companies. It is reported that these companies are not only testing Ripple's technology, but also committed to integrating one or more Ripple products in the future.

Ripple has a software technology solution designed to help financial institutions save time, increase transaction speed, track and reduce transaction costs. The cryptocurrency Ripple XRP is used for xRapid (Ripple's only XRP-enabled product), which is Ripple's encryption-centric solution for improving cross-border payments.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said earlier that Ripple signed a contract with a bank a week on average, which means that it can work with more than 50 banks a year. The success rate of cooperation is very impressive, and it shows that Ripple’s cross-border payment business level is very high and has been recognized by the industry. This outstanding performance is good for the xrp to usd exchange rate in the market.

Brad Garlinghouse said that for Ripple, the year 2018 is incredible. Ripple has signed with Kuwait's largest bank - Kuwait National Bank, Ripple's dynamics will produce network effects with the strong momentumthat one contract a week. The more participants, the greater the value of joining.

Ripple currently has 60% of its total XRP supply, with 91% of its investments locked in third-party escrow accounts. At present, this good ripple xrp news has brought a positive impact on the Ripple price. which has increased by more than 6% in one day, and the current xrp price has exceeded $0.3.