Scammed by a fake bitcoin trading platform (


I was contacted by a person called Anny and after some time she proposed to start trading on a platform The proposed "2-way-trading" was supposed to bet on the rise or decline of the price of a cryptocurrency e.g. BTC. The trading was happening by using USDT, which were transferred from another exchange platform ( Howver they are using other known platforms like Binance or OKX as well. After a time the they my account and requested to pay 50.000 USDT to unfreeze it. The significant amount of money I invested before is now frozen or better to say gone. I'm currently looking for other victims of this scam. If you are victim of this platform you can contact me as I'm trying to build a group to allow an investigation.

You can contact me vial email at

Don't pay any additional money to them, as this is a typical Pig Butchering. Also most of the recovery companies will scam you again.