SEC launches fake ICO to educate investors

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Howey Coin ICO site went life today with a web page very similar to many ICO sites. The SEC recognizes that a lot of investors have been duped into sending bitcoin and Ethereum to fake ICOs that take the money and never have an actual business or network.

The get rich quick crowd learned some tough lessons in late 2017, and the SEC hopes to protect people from their own foibles.



Nice looking site. I need to get me some of those coins. Quick, how do I send all my ETH? Looks like a major breakthrough in blockchain and decentralization. Nice website and all.

j/k of course.

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Careful. Someone is bound to read this thread and think the ICO is serious.

Protecting people from their own stupidity is a full-time job. Too bad government has to get involved at all. Just be smart with your money people.