SEC will finally approve crypto ETFs


Hello, I would like to share my thoughts on crypto ETFs. And I wrote an article with thorough thinking.

Many investors are waiting for the Bitcoin ETF approval. To have bitcoin ETFs approved in the US, investors have to pray to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve it. The SEC, like the Federal Reserve (FED), is actually a far-perspective regulator.

SEC wouldn’t take the Bitcoin ETFs (including ETH coins and Litecoin) casually as when trading funds (ETFs) might come with various negative feedback loops that would cause constructional problems. Bitcoin ETFs are derivatives and have nothing to do with benchmark assets. The underlying value of Bitcoin ETF asset more likely will be affected by the ETF, speculation, and stock markets.

The ETF history began with the investor, Burton Malkiel and his most famous book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street. It basically means that the fund manager did not beat the index, the trade did not beat the index, and Wall Street was deceptive and, did not defeat the index.

Malkiel is right about ETF. It booms, alike all financial inventions, to some extent, the purpose of operators to create ETF is exactly opposite of their purpose to create. For example, inverse ETF has emerged, whereas tracker fund has not yet to track. The idea of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, which aims to create a model of investment for long-term wealth, but it is now distorted and becomes a trap for fools. This is exactly what the SEC is concerned about.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin cryptocurrency has a common weakness: safety. This has attracted much attention of scams. In general, the financial industry also has such a rogue. As many regulators proofs, eventually among the top financial companies, they have not to resist crime behaviors. In unregulated encryption, any active person will soon be scammed by fraudsters.

Therefore, getting the bitcoin ETF into regulation is the biggest concern of regulators such as the SEC. But it will finally be approved because it seems unstoppable that needs to be embraced and controlled.

The bearer may think this can be the beginning of the end. Bitcoin value, Ethereum value and Litecoin value prospered in chaos, products of anarchy. It will never be able to thrive in a walled committee garden. People who are optimistic believe that the market demand for bitcoin has increased significantly, which will push the marketplace to an amazingly high.

It runs differently than the traditional banking. When an ETF is granted, it is interesting to see how the system works. It may be designed to be win-win mild fairness tool for all participants.