SilkChain - Beware it doesn't look good! Insider Information


Silkchain, Osell and the companies behind this have not been doing nice things, dishonest and I know people that work in the company.

In fact, this project was thrown on the employees just this year, so imagine that! They use to try and work with suppliers to get their projects in various countries which failed miserably. The employees dealing with a lot of the work at Osell actually have no idea what crypto even is, they only get thrown in it by their CEO who seems like a rather terrible person IMO.

I have a good friend who works in one of the companies and they really do treat them terrible as do many jobs here in China and Asia.I feel this story needs to be out just because people need to be protected so I am going to go over a few points that this person has shared with me or gone through.

One thing to keep in mind is that this project is a join venture with the European market, Singapore and companies in China.

In my opinion the Chinese companies really abuse the Chinese employees to work more, do what they need in fear or in light of feeling obligation to the company no matter what and this is another reason why these stories need to get out more. These people need better protection and help to make changes IMO

First of all, this deals with a currency called "SilkChain” SilkChain - The first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem which I suggest you don't even give them the hits, but you can check it out if you want.

I would like to explain that my friend is a very hard worker, caring and dedicated. I want to list her work ethics in bulletin points as well as an example of the issues that people may find themselves in.

-She works at home often, taking calls, doing messages and it was not uncommon to see her doing this when we were together with friends. Off to the side, typing and taking calls. She isn't a manager, her job isn't in a style of great need, just busy work and trying to find that next customer or meetings...

I remember once when my friend and his wife were over and she was there, playing games, 4 people and it was a little difficult cause she always had to do work.

-She is professional, she trys her best always and it actually makes me feel bad to see her dedication mistreated.

Now, on to what SilkChain has been doing not only to her, but many other employees of this company.

The primary issue company is "Osell" which has failed on previous projects and investments before, how they can still get investments is kind of amazing to me?

-They hire companies, and bots to inflate their customer numbers, primarily hitting the middle eastern market and having people beg and want silk. (which, seems all mostly pointless to me)
-They often close their own food cafeteria with the excuse that they are lacking money.
-Often pushing all employees to go after "investments", just investments, get money etc
-Withholding pay for many months at a time and asking employees to work harder and that they have no money.
-My friend had her pay held for nearly 6 months, and many times off and on before that period.
-Can you imagine going to work every day feeling you have no choice, no hope and that you just hope you can get paid, pay your bills, apartment and food? Well, Osell doesn't care, so why should you care Silkchain?
-They spend a lot of money on getting investments but lack spending on the actual product for customers. Most of the investments they get aren't paying workers, it seems to be used for travel and setting up more investment oppurtunities only and where this money goes is likely not what anyone would expect or want if you ask me. Of course, there is no way to know where the money goes but with how the boss is pushing and abusing people I am sure there has to be some corruption here as well.
-The CEO is an obvious abuser, over promising and taking advantage of his Chinese work force, hopefully they can find a better place soon.

Now, I completely understand it is up to each person to work and deal with these things and that I cant change anyone's mind but to see my friend not get paid at her work, go home and do the work and to be using credit cards, crying, saying she has all this pressure from her work while not even being able to pay her bills or to even eat is just flat out heart breaking. I do hold her accountable as well, but this is a culture and mid set she is not going to be changing unfortunately.

I have never trusted this company and have always told her to get out, but this kind of situation actually seems to go on too commonly in China (lack of, late pate and pressure to perform your job at all costs)

She has been there near five years if I am remembering correctly and I from all the things she says goes on from meeting after meeting, to lack of money, closures and more on various projects.. this company just seems like they lack any intelligence as to what they really need to do. The SilkChain project just seems like another joke of asking for investments and who knows where the money actually goes as they get millions in investments for this.

I always had a strong feeling the CEO and board were hoarding and getting as much of they money as they can as they pawn out all the staff to bid to their schemes, which would not surprise me at all honestly.

They need to help these people get out, even if it means firing them which is actually a much better alternative instead of talking up things like everything is going to "help" everyone.

I know these things because my friend use to be a pretty big blind follower, saying how the boss wants to help everyone, wants them all to be "rich" and seems rather good at getting them to believe in this (Which, seems like bullshit if you consider everything, but welcome for your opinions)

I believe this is a company among many that needs to be investigated and reported on for the world to see so that these kind of things will stop happening to people in what I consider a country full of good people. I would love for any news outlet or people who have reach to use this information and to let the world know so that these people no longer have to fear for their jobs while over working in a way that puts this kind of pressure on them for no reason.

All I can really say is, **** silkchain and osell, this shit isn't right. Hope you guys can stand with me and maybe offer some advice to my friends ability, dedication and let her know there is more out there as well, I feel I really fail at helping her understand this and who knows, I may just ask her out and have a wonderful out come one day but right now, I don't feel comfortable even considering that when she has been unable to push her life in a better direction, but I'd love to have a good story for you guys in the future if that ever comes about.

Have you guys heard anymore on these sort of things and how do you feel about companies doing stuff like this to take advantage of people?

-Companies are shit, lying, using lots of fake numbers, not paying employees for up to 6 months at a time while convincing them that they will be able to get "rich" and have chances for advancement etc, while always failing and somehow able to come up with new “plans” to reach investors with projects such as crypto currencies. We know it isn't the first time, but people, including investors need to look into what they are dealing with much more closely or you may be getting burned. If they don't care their employees then what makes you think they care the investor or customer.