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Introducing TAU COIN
TAU is an electronic currency that aims to promote transactions, to increase circulation, and to introduce a consensus mechanism that is fair, secure and environmentally friendly. We propose an original consensus, Proof-of-Transaction (***), which uses on-chain accumulated transactions as proof to generate new blocks. The reward is transaction fees contained in each block. Participants can form groups called “harvest club”, which distribute block rewards to all members of the club through an efficient club wiring transaction. Open source TAU testnet was launched on August 1st, 2018 on

Why Tau

TAU creates a fair participation economy, where all users are involved in securing the network with their transaction history. With the innovation of Proof-Of-Transaction, users are incentivized to make more transactions and increase circulation by receiving the block reward. There is no advantage to having accumulated wealth and everyone shares in the growth of the TAU currency.
• Consensus Mechanism : Proof-of-Transaction (***)
• Genesis Date : August 1st, 2018
• Block Time : 1 minute
• Block Size: 1MB, future upgrade to auto-size depends on the bandwidth
• Possible transactions in 24h: minimum 5,760,000 depends on auto-size
• Data directory size: 1440mb/d
• Available/Total Supply: 10 billion TAU
• Transaction fees as block reward : transaction fees only
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