Team behind


Just like every projects and business, it all starts with an idea. However you have to gather people who are interested and has expertise according to the idea to bring the idea to life. If you hire people just because they have expertise and if it is irrelevant with the area you want to enter, you will most likely to fail. Inflow Token in this perspective has a huge advantage. The project is born within Inflow Network which is largest influencer hub in the world with reach of quarter of the world. When influencer wants to step up their game no matter where they are, its Inflow Network they want to go see. People with tens of years in digital marketing experience guide influencers to increase their network. On the other hand Inflow Network has partnered with Gaia CG which is one of the best digital marketing in sector. One of four official sponsor of Qatar 2022 World Cup Gaia CG has proven their power and influence in the sector. Since Inflow Token provides engagements with influencers, it is best mix to have behind a project. Feel free to look up and tell me your opinions about this idea and its background.