Ten cryptocurrencies worth investing in in 2018


The price of Bitcoin is like a roller coaster. It is always shocking and delighting. However, many experts recently reminded players to be cautious about bubbles, but the enthusiasm of the people buying coins is still high.

With the value of Bitcoin and the continued increase in the value of its investment, the cryptocurrency market has begun to boil. In response to such situations, governments have also begun to implement two measures. One measure is to join the development of cryptocurrency and promote the development of cryptocurrencies. Another measure is that it is relatively fragile for cryptocurrency trading platforms. In order to avoid risks, the state has also issued relevant policies to control.

Of course, since the country has also begun to participate, it is enough to reflect the value of the cryptocurrency itself. Moreover, according to the latest news from citicoins, Bitcoin’s single value has reached 7,500 US dollars. This is enough to reflect the brilliant future of cryptocurrencies.


Next, I will recommend some of the most valuable cryptocurrencies for 2018. (The following rankings are in no particular order and are derived from Bitcoin. There are several cryptocurrencies that have seen a steady increase in the value of coins from 13 to 17 years in the future and have considerable future earnings.)


ION, considered to be the second generation cryptocurrency, is based on entirely new code writing, improving many of Bitcoin’s features, such as replacing the proof of work (POW) with a brand-new 100% proof-of-stock (POS) design, avoiding a generation of cryptographic coins. Many of the defects, such as the consumption of resources, vulnerability and so on. Released in the community for open subscription. 1 minute to confirm, 1 billion total.

Edgeless (EDG)

Edgeless is the base currency of the Edgeless network and it can circulate throughout the entire Edgeless network, with a total of 100 billion. Like bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency based on mathematics and cryptography, but unlike Bitcoin, which has no real purpose, its system has a major bridge currency and a guaranteed security function. Among them, the function of ensuring security is indispensable. This requires that the gateways participating in this protocol must all hold a small amount.

In addition, Edgeless is the only common currency in the Edgeless system. It is different from other currencies in the Edgeless system. Other currencies, such as CNY and USD, cannot be withdrawn across the gateway. Edgeless does not have this limitation at all. It is universal in the Edgeless system. of.

MinexCoin (MNX)

MinexCoin, a cryptocurrency project initiated by former Riprick founder Jed McCaleb, is used to build a decentralized gateway for transmission between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. It will be provided to users through free distribution, and its supply will be 100 billion on the line, of which 95% of the stellar currency will be used for free distribution. Stellar is a diversified team. Board members include former Chief Square Chief Operating Officer Keith Rabois and Stripe Chief Executive Officer Patrick Collison. Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer and AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant will serve as consultants for the project.


SpankChain is a cryptocurrency that can be operated online, users can use SpankChain for secure online instant payment, merchants can add an open source payment platform built by millions of users worldwide for the store.

SpankChain’s core consists of a unique incentive P2P network. They can form a highly secure cluster — arbitration chain, providing a variety of decentralized services such as instant transactions, anonymity, decentralized management, etc., and it can also prevent low-cost cyber attacks.


Presearch is an experiment that tests the economic theory behind a new type of “Prediction Market.” The experiment created decentralized banks and exchanges. At the same time, it adopted the DPoS core algorithm and generated a block time of 10 seconds.

Moreover, using decentralized transaction ledgers that are secured by DPoS to create interchangeable digital assets, these assets can be marketed to anchor the value of anything like dollars, gold, gasoline, and so on. So, this is also a very good investment target.

Banca (BANCN)

Banca, is a peer-to-peer virtual currency. Banca is widely released in the crowd and its blockchain uses a newly invented synchronization solution based on importance proof POI. Banca is the first cryptocurrency organization that implements multi-signature integration at the blockchain level. Banca multi-signature is implemented on the client side. It is concise and easy to use. It guarantees 24 development and community funds for Banca, large and small, and follows strict procedural justice. management. Banca’s core code is built from 0. Each section of software development adheres to the rigorous software engineering practice of test-driven development. The recent achievements are mosaics and mobile wallets.

Wagerr (WGR)

Wagerr, officially launched in 2014 and open source in Github in June 2015. Since its inception, the Wagerr team has witnessed the climaxes and troughs of the blockchain industry, the enthusiasm and cooling of the cryptocurrency market, and the vagueness and clarity of national regulatory and government attitudes. However, Wagerr did not stop. Instead, he took this opportunity and succeeded in reaching a new height.

Its advantage lies in the fact that Wagerr’s blockchain is a combination of peer-to-peer networks, Byzantine fault-tolerance, digital certificates, smart contracts, superconducting transactions, and cross-chain interoperability protocols that enable you to be fast, efficient, and secure. Manage your smart assets legally.

The cryptocurrencies listed above are the cryptocurrencies that I recommend for everyone that have both room for development and high investment potential.

Finally, when investing, I hope that everyone can combine their own accumulated investment experience to make the final and most reasonable decision. In this way, it will be possible to win with stability. Looking forward to the next bull market, every cryptocurrency investor will be able to obtain the desired handsome returns!