The 3 Good Reasons to Invest in Entercoin

Discussion in 'Other Coins' started by tareq ayyad, Jun 9, 2019.

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    The 3 Good Reasons to Invest in Entercoin

    Entercoin is one of the latest cryptocurrencies you can invest in and be confident about making massive profits. While the majority of the new digital currencies often take sometime to attract the attention of cryptocurrency expert websites following the launch, this digital currency just came out the other day and it is already listed on CoinMarketCap. FYI, is an authority website that reports on the trading activities of numerous cryptocurrencies while providing investors with the most current information and analytics. That said, here are 3 good reasons to invest in Entercoin:

    1. Higher Cryptoasset Value

    Besides Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies, Entercoin is the other cryptocurrency with a higher value, thanks to the low supply of tokens after a massive token burn, which was done recently. The company burned over 80% of the total coin supply, resulting in higher values for the cryptoassets held by current investors.

    FYI, coin burning refers to the process of permanently removing some coins from circulation to reduce the total supply of a particular cryptocurrency. The goal is to increase the value of the remaining coins.

    The idea stems from basic economics with the argument that when supply decreases, demand increases thus increasing the price of a commodity, all factors remaining constant. When a cryptocurrency is lower in supply compared to other cryptos, its demand tends to increase so is the value.

    2. Exchange listing

    EnterCoin is not like other new cryptocurrencies, which are never available in the know exchange platforms like bittrex and Crex24 and Instant Bitex. Unlike those, this cryptocurrency can be bought and sold for a profit on the majority of global coin exchange platforms like the ones mentioned above. So, when you invest in it, you can be sure to trade on the global market for higher profits at any one time.

    3. Great Partnerships: Prepaid crypto cards

    The company behind Entercoin has partnered with two major firms in the cryptocurrency and debit card sectors i.e SWFT Blockchain and Union Pay Cards. The former is a fast trading and swapping platform that offers instant payments and swaps between digital currencies like Entercoin. On the other hand, the latter is a Chinese prepaid cards entity that supports being funded with cryptocurrencies, and can be used literally anywhere in the World to cash out from an endless number of ATM machines. No matter where you are, whether in Africa, Asia, Europe or any other place in the world, you will be able to convert your crypto into cash, using this Chinese cryptocurrency to cash conversion card.

    In fact, Stinex exchange from EnterCoin is the first exchange that offers this cash-out services globally.

    Significant addition to the crypto world

    EnterCoin is backed by project assets.

    Consists of several giant projects backing up the system:

    Crypto exchange system.

    Prepaid cards with crypto-currency support.

    Eco-friendly crypto-mining center.

    EnterPact smart process contract application.

    Low total number of 6 million tokens.


    The big goals are being achieved according to the roadmap published in the white paper of the project in the team’s five year outlook.


    Facebook group:


    Telegram group:

    Telegram channel:

    You can review Bitstine's main Facebook page that serves the Middle East in English Stinex - EnterCoin

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    A market cap ranking of #1457 on CMC and average daily volume of $350 seems to counter all the claims above.

    We don’t moderate the “Other Coins” section much, but this post is an example of why crypto needs another massive consolidation and shake out.

    EnterCoin (ENTRC) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap

    Too many coins without true utility or acceptance.
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