The origins of Kovri go back to the year 2015, when the original author of the implementation is i2pd (alternative version to I2P) whose name does not specify, he passed himself off as the only collaborator of this proposal on GitHub, which generated a deep discontent between The developers and the project lost momentum. However, the shortest time, the developer, known as: Anonymous, rescued the project and started working on it, while recruiting more interested collaborators. Thus, meetings were held in which the base code of the i2pd implementation was decided and converted into what is now Kovri.

In an episode of OpenHours, said developer explains that this project contains much more than the transactions of Monero, even beyond that this platform is capable of doing, that it can be used with another Internet connection function and not with directly implemented implementations in the blockchain.

Regarding the comparison with Tor, Anonimal explained that Kovri is an excellent alternative to the well-known navigator. Although, he expresses his complacency with Tor and says that he "defends him with teeth and nails," he acknowledges that some aspects of this concern him.

With his new management, the current state of the project may be questionable: many crucial volunteers who are from the first years of the project are leaving, there are open conflicts to society known, there are rumors about the infiltration of the US government.

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