The development of cryptocurrency is maturing


From the situation starting this week, there is still a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, not only cryptocurrencies, but also blockchains. The most popular bitcoin in cryptocurrency, the price is still declining compared to the highest price of $8,404 that appeared last week.

It was predicted by the forecast that the price of Bitcoin must rise to $8,500 before the end of last week, but until now, it has not risen to 8500. In the long run, the price increase of Bitcoin is inevitable. Today, the price of Bitcoin to US dollars is $8,180, and the market value is: $140,532, $125,788 (data from bitcoin spot price history).

1. South Korea's top financial regulator urges legislators to quickly pass the cryptocurrency bill

South Korea's top financial regulator urged lawmakers to quickly pass the country's first cryptocurrency bill on the grounds that the number of money-losing incidents on cryptocurrency exchanges has increased. Several laws related to cryptocurrencies are currently being considered by the National Assembly.

2. More than 5,000 stores in Chile accept cryptocurrency payments

According to news reports, Chile's payment platform Flow recently announced the integration of the digital currency payment solution Cryptocompra into its system, the original Flow user can choose to pay in cryptocurrency at the cash register.

3. It is reported that the number of Flow users reaches 20,000. Currently, it has access to more than 5,000 digital currencies, and the number of transactions per month exceeds 180,000. Earlier, the Chilean court ruled that mainstream banks must reopen accounts and provide banking services for a number of digital currency exchanges. and also

That is to say, more than 5,000 stores in Chile accept cryptocurrency payments.