Online Blockchain is the UK's leading blockchain company.

Revolutionizing the world with cutting edge research and development, Online Blockchain is leading innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralized ecosystems.

• Incubating exciting cryptocurrency startups.

• Developing technical innovation in the blockchain space.

• Setting the standard for the decentralized tomorrow.


An ecosystem of cryptocurrency projects and solutions

Online Blockchain provide continuous development and maintenance for a number of cryptocurrency projects worldwide.

• PlusOne Coin.

This bitcoin-like currency enables content providers and platform owners to monetize their social media sites while giving their audience more power to affect the social media content they consume. Blockchain technology enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and PlusOneCoin (+1 coin).

Plus One Coins can be bought, swapped, given or mined by users just like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Mining is a computer process any computer can run that creates coins for a user to spend.

A social media user has a PlusOneCoin wallet with crypto coins in it that they can spend on content, appreciating content providers, fellow users on the website by up voting or highlighting themselves.

With the magic of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology anyone can have a piece of the PLUS1 money supply by simply using their personal computer to mine this Cryptocurrency. PlusOneCoin is easy to use, tradable (between wallet holders) and you can mine it on any personal computer. Coming soon to your favorite community websites!

• Buenos Coin.

Buenos is a bespoke local cryptocurrency and software suite for the people of Argentina. The Buenos core development team are committed to producing cutting edge blockchain technology, for the betterment of Argentina's economy and people.

On the Buenos platform, you can store funds securely and transact virtually instantly, with low fees. Buenos' global network of decentralized nodes guarantees security with no single point of failure.

• Happy Pool.

A user-focused cryptocurrency mining pool backed by a strong community.


 No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine. Use your wallet address as the username.

 Payouts are made automatically every 1.5 hours for all balances above 0.001, or 0.0001 on Sunday.

 For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout, please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support.

 Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.

• Brazio. Solving Brazil's banking problem, with a local cryptocurrency.

Brazio is a secure digital currency, providing the people of Brazil a doorway into the cryptocurrency revolution. With all the robust features of a secure blockchain, Brazio provides anonymous and virtually instant transactions, with which a third party cannot interfere. Brazio can be mined by anyone.

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