The halving is done. What’s next?

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So we went through a slight uptick in price leading up to the halving, folllowed by the classic sell the news drop right before the event.

We’re sitting at $9,300 as I type this. Where do we go from here? How many miners will be profitable at the new reward level and this price? Are whales keeping price down to drive out miners and concentrate control to a smaller number?

That last one always gets a chuckle out of me. Everyone blasts the politics of world economics and point to bitcoin as the solution. Yet bitcoin is just as susceptible to manipulation and political disruption as governments and fiat currencies. Perhaps more.

My prediction: a gradual rise over 2020 with dips along the way. We end up somewhere near the all time high in Q4, then sell off back down to $10k.That becomes the floor going forward.

Anyone else?