The number of bitcoin atm continues to increase worldwide

Currently, according to the statistics of coinatmradar, there are 3,443 Bitcoin ATMs in 73 countries around the world, and 79.75% of ATMs in North America, followed by Europe with 20.03%, and Asia with only 2%.

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At present, more than 3,000 Bitcoin ATM machines in the world are manufactured by 35 different hardware manufacturers. Machines such as Genesis Coin (1163), General Bytes (897), and Lamassu (389) are the most popular.

The main function of the Bitcoin ATM machine allows Bitcoin customers to convert their bitcoin into cash and convert cash into bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs are very different from the ATMs we know so traditionally. Bitcoin ATMs are connected to the Internet, can receive cash, exchange bitcoins, and use the blockchain to sell bitcoins.

Using ATM trading is very simple and convenient

Buy bitcoin

Step 1: put cash into the ATM.

Step 2: ATM displays the QR code, opens the transaction client of the mobile phone, and logs in the account to scan the QR code.

Step 3: The equivalent BTC will be deposited into your account at the current price.

Sell bitcoin

Step 1: Log in to your trading account and choose the amount to be sold for BTC withdrawal.

Step 2: The mobile client will generate a number plus the number of the withdrawal code.

Step 3: Enter the withdrawal code on the ATM and the withdrawal is successful.

The process of buying bitcoin and bitcoin to convert French currency in French currency is the same as the steps, and it can be completed in 3 steps.

However, the transaction cost of the Bitcoin ATM machine is very high, and the average purchase price requires an additional 8.29% transaction fee, and the selling rate is 7.16%. Although the transaction cost of the Bitcoin ATM machine is very high, it still cannot slow down the global expansion of the Bitcoin ATM machine. There are now six new machines on the world every day.

Now, in addition to some companies that deploy ATMs for business reasons, some private organizations have begun their Bitcoin ATM strategic plans. Such as Deloitte and EY. Deloitte placed an ATM in the Rubix Blockchain office in downtown Toronto, and EY chose to install ATMs in its Swiss offices, both of which are designed to encourage its customers and employees to experience the process of buying and selling bitcoins.

Rajesh Shirsagar

I just saw news regarding Bitcoin ATM installment in US. Bitcoin kiosk network operator RockItCoin has installed its 100th bitcoin ATM in the United States, according to a press release from the company.

The milestone ATM was installed in Las Vegas, Nev., and allows customers to buy or sell a variety of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, etherium and others. The kiosks exchange digital bitcoins into U.S. dollars or dollars into bitcoins, the company said.
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Crypto Fat Cat
Won’t bitcoin ATMs go by the wayside with all the new exchanges opening fiat to bitcoin trading?

Why would I pay 6-8% to buy bitcoin when Coinbase Pro can sell it to me for 0.25%? Even standard Coinbase fees are 1.5-2.5%. ATMs requires KYC and limit amounts of purchases.