Things You must know before trading !


The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to learning about crypto is thinking that they need to read everything before they can start investing or trading cryptocurrencies.
This is not true!
You don't need to know everything, but you do need a good understanding of how things work, so you can make better decisions with your money.
Your crypto education and wealth journey doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes you just need to do 1% every single day. Just imagine where you can be in 6 months if you got better 1% everyday!
I started with the fundamentals then after a while I was confident enough to get into trading, NFTs, and long-term investments. Today, I make thousands of dollars every single day from my portfolio!

To help others with skipping some mistakes and getting up with trading faster then I did, we built Crypto Cartel Original - this place is even for those who have ZERO knowledge about trading.
We have gathered top trader learning materials, with main things You must know , as well as offering to compare Your trading ideas with world top trader ones or do a copy trade (but we never recommend to follow any signals or ideas blindly, this is why we have collected plenty of them, so You can compare and get confirmations for good trade).

1st lesson learned: Just start!


Seeing a few scenarios so far we have the week open dump- with a new month so we are gonna go higher/

If we continue dumping this week aggressively I might look for a long into that H4 early on. Right now just waiting for Mondays range to print to get a feel for the week.




And for the gameplan early on its fairly simple.

Look for one more dip then ill look for intraday longs and the shorts at the H4- Lesson 8 sweep



Rektproof#1553 — Today at 10:42 AM
Will ride the long and see if we push to Mondays High still betting we see Mondays high this week.

If we reject I will get stopped and re enter if we deviate-reclaim the range low



I think getting your sources straight and being able to understand what's in them is a good thing. Like, for traders who are just starting out there are great market watch sources that don't feel as overwhelming as some of the other ones. I used to look up this one or a quick recap of the market and this one does its job. CMC is also ok, if you dumb it down a bit in the settings.