Top 5 ways to earn passive income on your crypto holdings


if you have invested into crypto and hold crypto funds in your wallet, don't just hold them, you can earn a passive income on your holdings without loosing your crypto.

here are some popular ways to earn the income on your cryptocurrencies holdings.

1- Lending
you can supply your cryptos on lending platforms such as aave and compound, these lending protocols allow anyone to borrow loan in the form of stablecoin or ETH and in other crypto form with the help of smart contracts, through this you can earn up to 20% APR on your cryptos.

2- Staking
Staking is like opening a savings account in bank, you can stake your crypto holdings in stake pools and earn APR on it. you can stake your crypto with non-custodial wallets like frontier wallet, trust wallet etc.

3- Liquidity Provision
with liquidity provision, there is always the need to the tokens of equal pairs let's say ETH/USDC in the DEXs and AMMs, where you can provide your tokens as liquidity and earn good APR, These DEXs and AMMs shares the fee percentage with you for your liquidity tokens.

4- Yield Farming
With yield farming liquidity pools maximize your profits, by farming your crypto assets and farming new LP tokens you get for providing liquidity to pools.

5- Airdrops
You are all aware with airdrops, to get the airdrops of new tokens, keep updated yourself, and be the early adopters.


I personally use Nebeus to earn passive income on my hodlings!

I rent my stablecoins in Nebeus for almost 13% rewards per year. They have developed a full crypto ecosystem within their app. There you can rent, stake or even ask for a Loan with 80% LTV. They offer a great way to wait for the crypto winter to pass whilst earning in the meantime!

Plus they have released their Nebeus Money Accounts, which essentially are bank accounts with IBAN and Sort Codes for crypto hodlers. The thing is that, thanks to this feature, I can move money from my crypto account to my Nebeus IBAN in the same app and instantly transfer money from one account to the other.