Trezor Bridge update

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Trezor released a statement a few days ago about continuing changes to their wallet bridge. Google chrome continues to phase out support for apps, and Trezor wants to stay ahead of the development curve.

February special — an updated Bridge! Today, we would like to announce the release of an entirely new communication tool to facilitate the connection between your TREZOR and your internet browser. While the application only serves one purpose and you will not see it or hear about it once you install it, it is worthy of announcement for several reasons.

First of all, the Bridge is rewritten from scratch, using a more modern code, meaning it is faster, more secure, and more reliable. A big thanks to our development team!

The second reason for this announcement is that the new Bridge is the first part of our transition away from Chrome apps. As you may know, Google is phasing out all Chrome applications later this year, which means that the very popular TREZOR Chrome extension (app) will become obsolete as well. Therefore, we will have to rely on different communication channels for TREZOR. The old Bridge would remain functional, but we decided to update the application to boost compatibility and to provide a fallback option.

The full announcement can be read at their blog link here: Trezor Bridge Update

Trezor manufactures and supports a very highly rated crypto hardware wallet, and the Trezor T updated version should be shipping in the very near future. The team is active on Reddit and other social media to keep owners and users updated in recent developments.