Ukrainian police stop a malicious application developer


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine recently revealed that the police authorities raided the residence of a supposed. Hackers in charge of designing and distributing an access code to cryptocurrency and casino exchange accounts.

The activities of the suspect (23 years old) were registered by the National Police Department of Kiev, where it is specified that the hacker not only used the corrupt application by himself, but also promoted its sale in ******* forums, also giving him access to user miles to bags and casino accounts.

After discovering his identity, the authorities of the prosecutor's office will confiscate his belongings, such as electronic equipment, cell phones, USB memories and computers.

It should be noted that the investigation, carried out according to Paragraph 2 of Article 361 of the Criminal Code, which highlights "the unauthorized interference in the work of electronic computing devices (computers), systems and computer networks."

For their part, the authorities have yet to define how many people were victims of the attacks with the malicious code; although the hacker will suffer a sentence of 6 years in prison and another 3 years of restriction in the commercial sector, using any kind of digital devices.

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