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Thanks for helping us post our info, if anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up I am one of the Community Managers for Unikrn and UnikoinGold

Welcome to our site, and thanks for agreeing to check in occasionally to provide us with UKG news and updates.

Hopefully interested UKG buyers or potential customers will have some questions for you.

Readers: Be sure to check with @UrbaneUKG if you have an interest in their token, platform or eSports betting in general.

Disclaimer: I own UKG tokens from the ICO and I am not an unbiased source of info.

Old Man Crypto

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I think this kind of information is great. It would be good to see more projects listed on the site though. Maybe some of the other coins could be invited to post about their projects and plans? I know some use Reddit and Telegram but it’s sometimes hard to dig out the basics due to all the comments and discussions. Hopefully you can add more separate coins here.