Unikrn aquires ChallengeMe.gg

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And they add more acquisitions as covered in Rahul Sood’s blog post. Integration of the UKG token is key for eSports gambling in order for winners to bet using cash rather than winning skins or other prizes.

Unikrn Acquired ChallengeMe.gg: with immediate UKG tournaments across North America & Europe!

“This is a personal accomplishment that I adds a huge level of responsibility. Unikrn has made plenty of acquisitions since we were founded such as Pinion, DotaProHub, Vision IP, and LEET, but nothing is quite on the scale of ChallengeMe.GG.

I don’t take multi-million deals lightly. This is a big deal for me, for Unikrn and, honestly, for the entire gaming ecosystem. CME’s technology is amazing, and their team is killer — and all they really need is gas to fuel their engine.

Last October, Unikrn launched the first-ever community CS:GO tournament with a crypto (UnikoinGold) prizepool on ChallengeMe.GG. Since then, we’ve been running weekly events, ladders and challenges with our partners at CME.

After that success, we immediately began the months-long process of acquiring them. As we got through the legal process of making this happen, we’ve been strategizing on how Unikrn + CME could be even better. How can we bring unprecedented merger of crypto and gaming and give players around the world revolutionary experiences?”