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Discussion in 'UnikoinGold' started by CryptoTC, May 14, 2019.

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    Unikrn Launching Esports Streamer Betting and AI Powered 24/7 Virtual Betting

    Next week, Unikrn is updating with three experiences foundationally rooted in esports, furthering accessibility in the always-now culture of esports and gaming. With this launch, Unikrn is guaranteeing our members have access to singular experiences every second of every day.

    Sports have a hard cap on content hours due to travel, fatigue, and players on court. Games like Fortnite have no such limits: on average, there are over 10,000 individual channels streaming unique Fortnite content at any given time. 10,000 live games with different players, play styles and personalities, and the only limit to more is the size of the audience.

    As esports has grown, it has simultaneously benefitted from and been victim to its own content deluges. Because gamers play all hours of the day, streaming is a 24/7/365 entertainment fountain producing of 1000 millennia of viewer hours last year.

    This creates an unprecedented challenge for bookmakers: how do you give fans what they want by creating the most engaging, exciting stream possible? Obviously, you set real-time odds at let fans win along with their streamers.

    Setting real-time odds for even 5 live players outside of a formal competition is a difficult manual task. There was never a challenge like this presented to the sporting world. Unikrn set out to solve it.
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