US Congressman wants to completely ban cryptocurrency

Discussion in 'Crypto News' started by pepeg, May 13, 2019.

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  1. pepeg

    pepeg Contributor

    This is really insane! Some US congressman (Brad Sherman) wishes to ban crypto entirely because it may successfully compete with the dollar. These kinds of undemocratic ideas are typical for third-world countries!

    Congressman Brad Sherman Attempts to Garner Support of Complete Crypto Ban in the US | AllStocks Network

    It's important to say that this politician doesn't really represent any side of the political aisle, but the fact that he even believes it's possible is absolutely mind-boggling.
  2. CryptoTC

    CryptoTC Crypto Fat Cat
    Staff Member

    Grooming myself between naps
    Sleeping on a couch, chair, bed, or under a table
    Pure political grandstanding to get attention from his constituents who think this is all a scam. He and they don’t understand one damn thing about crypto, and in my opinion that gives them no right to state their opinion or vote on the issues at hand.

    But that won’t stop them. Never has, never will. Ignorance doesn’t stop anyone from forming strong opinions and then digging in. Why would that change now?
  3. koorper

    koorper Contributor

    undermining the value of the dollar, criminal activities such as financing terrorism, money laundering, drug-dealing, and tax evasion - all these exist even without cryptocurrencies
  4. nazakethussain

    nazakethussain Contributor

    Yeah your are right.. i agree with you.. these all crimes are happening without cryptocurrency.. so why it would be banned??

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