Utilities in real world


Utility token projects these days are the core foundation of the new era. The more technology advances the more it will become as a norm in our lives just like social media was seemed as a joke at start. And thank to this new technology and digital era, it is even more important to sustain a powerfull relationship with parties. Inflow Token saw this opportunity and with the largest influencer hub in the world called Inflow Network, it will be possible and way easy to reach and engage with people you follow the most. Influencers, are influencers because we value them and appreciate the content they create. In this case followers does not have a significant part in this chain. With Inflow Token, there will be engagement offers through influencers and followers will be able to participate in such exclusive events or they can meet and even spend time on activities together in real life. It is all up to influencers and they can chose how to interact with people from all over the world. Give me your opinions about this new kind of connections and engagements.