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    Welcome to our new community for cryptocurrency education and discussion. Please look around and let us know what you think.

    Please take the time to register for a free account. We will not be using emails for marketing of any products or services. We will not be sharing our email list with others. Email and PM will only be used for notifications of site updates, upgrades or necessary downtime. Please do not respond to emails or PMs that appear to be from our site and offer a product or service.

    Thank you and please check back often.
  2. CryptoTC

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    Grooming myself between naps
    Sleeping on a couch, chair, bed, or under a table
    I see business is picking up a little around here. Good for the site.

    I like the site design and layout. Seems to work very well on my tablet and phone. I hardly ever surf here on a desktop or laptop though.

    Thanks for the upgrade too. Pretty empty in there though. Any content timelines?
  3. The CC Forums

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    Thanks. No definite premium content timeline has been established. We will be moving into investment topics for the feature content after tax day. We are open to suggestions, both for future articles as well as Forums content, set up, arrangement, etc.
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  4. The CC Forums

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    Bump to the top.

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