What are some of the best mobile wallets?

Discussion in 'Mobile wallets' started by Old Man Crypto, May 21, 2018.

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  1. Old Man Crypto

    Old Man Crypto Expert chainblocker

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    Does anyone have a favorite mobile wallet? I mean one that holds multiple coins, not the mobile ones for one currency. I already use wallets like nem and toast for ripple.

    Taking recommendations. Thanks.
  2. BitFit

    BitFit Contributor

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    Jaxx is the only one I know about. And I don’t use it, so can’t provide a review or anything. Maybe Google Jaxx reviews.
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  3. The CC Forums

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    The world needs a good multicurrency mobile wallet with a hardware dongle for iOS and Android at least. Mobile wallets seem a little insecure to me.

    Something like the Trezor but with a lightning cable.

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