What are the advantages of using Bitcoin cash payment?


The maximum size of a block in the blockchain is limited to 1 MB, which also limits some transactions that can be confirmed at anytime. Therefore, people will wait longer for confirming the transations when they sumbited it. And not only that, Larger transaction fees are another big problem. The average time for finishing a transaction had slowed down.

To solving this problem, the most direct method is increasing the block size, which is not that easy. In the end, the hard fork of the Bitcoin took place on Aug. 1, 2017, marking the creation of Bitcoin Cash(BCH) as its own independent cryptocurrency.

Using bitcoin cash, it only needed to get the other one’s wallet address and it could be completed within a few minutes, which is faster than the transaction of Bitcoin. More than that, the transaction fees of using Bitcoin Cash are cheaper. For the current bitcoin block congestion problem, bitcoin cash solves this pain point, and the fast transfer is the best feature.

The joining of some online merchants has facilitated the use of bitcoin cash for users around the world. No matter where the user is in the world, bitcoin cash can be easily used. Although bitcoin cash has not been created for a long time, its payments have spread all over the world, which strongly proves that bitcoin cash has great strength and potential.

Old Man Crypto

Expert chainblocker
I think bitcoin cash will fall into litecoin’s spot for real world use for payments. Litecoin developments have stopped since lee left and sold everything. Bitcoin Cash seems to have more press coverage and faster cheaper sending, so it might become the useful currency litecoin hoped to be.

Disclaimer I own a small amount of bch.


Crypto Fat Cat
Litecoin certainly hasn’t seen much good news or positive price moves over the last few months.

BCH enjoys the benefits of the bitcoin name even though it’s a completely different coin. Remains to be seen which bitcoin fork will have the best use cases.


Bitcoin Cash offers fast, low-cost peer-to-peer payments ideal for daily transactions. With median fees under $0.01, you can send BCH instantly for pennies. This enables new use cases like tipping content creators, micropayments, and crowdfunding. The large block size and solid infrastructure also allow for scalability. Services like GetBlock.io provide access to BCH nodes, making it easy to integrate Bitcoin Cash into your applications. I recently used their rsk node to build a payment processing feature into my app. The documentation was great and I was up and running fast. The low fees meant I could send many small transactions without worrying about costs adding up. Overall, Bitcoin Cash strikes the right balance between speed, cost, and reliability for payments.