What are the misconceptions about Bitcoin Cash?


Since the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it has been the focus of many investors. They know that bitcoin cash (BCH) is a very potential digital currency. However, bitcoin cash has been filled with many controversies and misunderstandings since its appearence. So what exactly is the truth about bitcoin cash?

The first misconception: Roger Ver created .

Roger Ver was one of the first people to use bitcoin. He have the title of “Bitcoin Jesus” because of his continuous investment in the cryptocurrency industry. It is obvious that Roger Ver is an early Bitcoin investor. Now he is a super supporter of Bitcoin Cash.

“Bitcoin Cash is a better currency, and therefore a better store of value than Bitcoin Core.”

——Roger Ver (May 6,2018)

Roger Ver played a very important role in Bitcoin’s early publicity. However, bitcoin cash is not created by Roger Ver as rumors. When Bitcoin Cash was born, there was a professional development team responsible for bitcoin cash fork.

The second misconception: large block of bitcoin cash will reduce miners’ income.

Large blocks can provide a more convenient user experience. It also can accommodate more transactions, and single transaction fees decrease. The main income of the miners is still the transaction fee, and the miners set a certain lower limit on the transaction rate. The low transaction fees can’t guarantee the rapid confirmation of the transaction.

The third misconception: bitcoin cash is centralized.

The development team for bitcoin cash is not one, but many. Multiple development teams ensure the decentralization of bitcoin cash development.

With the continuous development of bch, more people will be able to join bch supporters by learning more about it .