What is the best platform for bitcoin exchange trade?

Discussion in 'Other Exchanges' started by isabellanoviya, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. isabellanoviya

    isabellanoviya Starting Investor

    There is numerous bitcoin exchange trade site, but many people are still confused to choose which is the best trade site? The best sites include tightening security and privacy, support chat, reputed site.

    The best trade platform is Local bitcoin is a Peer to Peer bitcoin exchange site founded in 2012 at Helsinki, Finland. If the is any problem arises between a seller and buyer then Escrow system will arise solve the problem. The bitcoin transfer may take 10 to 60 min for the smooth transaction. Whole, entire transaction takes within 1 hr. The is a type of payment are available Paypal, western union, credit card etc.

    I am interested to start my own trade site alike localbitcoins but, it took so much time to build it, I think Where can get instant Ready-made local bitcoin clone script?

    After some time, I have known about sellbitbuy is the grown-up software company provide a local bitcoin clone script software is specially designed with the valuable framework and non-hackable coding language.
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