What leverage trading platform do you use?

Discussion in 'Other Exchanges' started by Orakale, Mar 19, 2019.

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  1. Orakale

    Orakale Starting Investor

    I want to know about different trading platforms who offer leverage up to 100x.
    At the moment i know only two - Primexbt and Bitmex. - I tried both and I liked Primexbt more.

    Looking for more exchanges that offer good instruments and I want to compare to the mentioned exchanges above.
  2. kodymars

    kodymars Buys the dips

    At the moment, these are the two best options. I think there may be one or two that have popped up on my radar that while researching but they were dodgy as... so I wouldn't bother mentioning them tbh.

    Between the two, I agree that Primexbt is best. Even more so now since they released *****, commodities, and indices - which is really cool because there are quite a few fiat-based brokers that trade bitcoin and a few other cryptos, but there aren't any decent crypto-based brokers that offer these traditional financial instruments (and obv prime is bitcoin-based). The reason this is significant is Primexbt has no KYC or minimum deposits, thus grants unprecedented access to the world's most profitable financial markets.

    The liquidity, UI, fees are good, and the available leverage and assets for trade are greater than any crypto trading platform. Even prior to launching the new fx/stocks/commodity assets, prime offered/offers up to 100x to 5 different major cryptos, as opposed to Bitmex which only offers 100x to BTC.
  3. bitbuster_95

    bitbuster_95 Starting Investor

    Hi guys!

    I am kinda new in the crypto trading world, but I have started trading on ThePeak I think this platform has everything that a beginner needs. Easy to use, well-built and fast system. I made some great sales already!
  4. CryptoTC

    CryptoTC Crypto Fat Cat
    Staff Member

    Grooming myself between naps
    Sleeping on a couch, chair, bed, or under a table
    People “kinda new in the crypto trading world” don’t need advanced leveraged trading platforms. It’s a sure way to lose money fast. And posts like yours translate to “I own or run this platform and would like to promote it by pretending to be a satisfied customer.”
  5. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    Someone woke up cranky yesterday morning. Angry posts in multiple threads. :eek:

    But in this thread, I think you’re spot on. The OP was just shilling his own platform. The responses are shilling theirs.

    And don’t get me started on the number of people who create multiple accounts to ask and then answer their own question or to bring up and then endorse their own product with different usernames.

    We can see that behind the scenes. This isn’t reddit. We watch for it.
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