Will NEO become Strong?

Discussion in 'NEO (NEO)' started by Bitcrypto, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. Bitcrypto

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    As a background, NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency supporting a scalable network of decentralized applications. It bears resemblance to Ethereum at its core but has its own unique features. Unlike Ethereum, it integrates other cryptocurrencies into its network, which gives it the potential to become a global digital system in today's smart economy.

    NEO touts its accessibility as one of the key platform features because common programming languages are accepted on its platform.

    NEO price prediction: strong growth potential?

    How do you think about NEO?
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    I’m starting to think NEO, Stellar and a few others will supplant Ethereum as platforms for dapps. Too many negative issues with Ethereum’s network, scaling, bugs and hacks.
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  3. Bitcrypto

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  4. Old Man Crypto

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    Stellar might beat out ETH for dapps AND XRP for payments. Then you have Cardano along with NEO. There can’t be many players left at the end or things will be too fragmented and confusing. Only a few will survive. Picking the right one will be lucrative. Obviously. :D

    Or pick a handful in equal amounts. I haven’t done this I have to admit.
  5. Bitcrypto

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    With the upcoming NEO 3.0 upgrade, the network speed will increase remarkably which will enhance the number of transactions per second (TPS). Currently, NEO's TPS is 1,000, which is already much higher Ethereum's or Bitcoin's TPS.

    A sports-betting decentralized exchange (DEX) known as Block Sports is built on the NEO blockchain. The platform wants to enable head-to-head betting functionality and formalize real-life wagers between two individuals on the NEO network.

    Neo: what does the future hold?
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