XRP Price discussion $0.25 9/24/19

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Experts say, XRP price prediction in 2020 will achieve bigger milestones in the year 2020. So I think investment in XRP is worth.

I have felt all along that XRP has the most potential for adoption and investment potential of any current cryptocurrency. Working with rather than against banks should be in its favor if Wall Street ever seriously moves into the crypto space.

But other than the crazy spike Jan 2018, nothing good has happened. It was $0.11 just a few weeks ago. I picked up some more then, along with adding Grayscale Bitcoin, Ethereum and Large Cap Trust shares in my retirement account.

The large cap trust owns XRP, and their XRP specific trust should be available to retail investors soon. It’s reserved for qualified investors only right now. That mandatory US legal restriction should be lifted shortly.

But hopefully as more adoption occurs, price follows. Hasn’t happened so far, which doesn’t make sense to me.