Last days to file taxes or request an extension

The U.S. federal and state income tax deadline is Monday April 15th, 2019. The next 4 days or so represent the last period to file taxes or request an extension. We’ve covered the general tax overview and also some specifics in these tax articles:

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And finally, this 2018 update clarifying like-kind exchanges going forward. There remains some controversy surrounding like-kind exchange options for 2017 and earlier. Be sure to check out the Coindesk tax article series for more general coverage of these topics.

File a request for extension using form 4868

If you still haven’t gotten around to poring over those exchange reports and generating completed form(s) 8949, don’t panic. There is still time to file before tomorrow’s deadline. Even better, you can file for an extension online, via mailed paper form 4868 or by using options provided within your chosen tax software. This will reset the final due date of your 1040 filing to Oct. 15, 2019.

Keep in mind that if there will be additional taxes owed when your final 1040 is filed, you should estimate this as best you can and include a payment with your extension. This must be done by April 15th to avoid any potential penalties as well as interest charges for the tax due.

And finally, we have a tax discussion thread in our forums. Please feel free to register and post any questions, tips, suggestions or complaints about cryptocurrency taxes there. TCF will not spam your inbox, send out a newsletter or share your information with other companies.