TCF Ledger Nano S Sweepstakes #2

Giveaway #2 is now complete. Forum member BitChick has a brand new Ledger Nano S hardware wallet on its way.

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5 Ledger Nano S Packages in shipping box
One of these was given away May 4, 2018.

[Ledger supports privacy coins and ERC20 tokens]

One lucky winner will be chosen by random number generator shortly after 5pm U.S. EDT Friday May 4, 2018 based on post numbers in the entry thread. Note thread will be locked to new entries at 5 pm May 4, 2018. Winners will be announced publicly in the thread and contacted directly by user @The CC Forums (and only that username.) Winner must be willing to provide a shipping address to @The CC Forums for free shipping of the prize. Use caution when reading private messages on any crypto site, as scammers often operate by posing as a different user or attempt to obtain your password or other information for theft. More on scams in the beginners section here.

2 Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallets in Boxes
Ledger S Nano Wallet New in Box for the winner..

[Full list of Ledger supported coins on their site]

Be sure to read all of the rules and fine print. The giveaway offer is void in states and countries that don’t allow random prize drawings. Entrants should review their country’s specific import rules regarding shipping and import taxes or VAT requirements. Customs rules vary widely throughout the world. Please check your local laws before entering. TCF does not accept liability for or guarantee to the winner that they will receive the shipped prize when entering from any country prohibiting giveaways or border entry for packages containing  electronics. Winner is responsible for any tax owed on the prize.

Ledger Nano S Model Numbers

[Interested in buying XRP after you win? Check out this blog]

Be sure you understand how to set up and use your Ledger wallets. These are brand new and were purchased direct from Ledger. However, there have been reports of malicious resellers opening wallet boxes and placing false seed words and then shipping to unaware buyers to steal funds. Reddit has this one covered very well here.

On 3/20/18, a new possible attack vector affecting Ledger HW wallets was exposed.  Ledger advises that users update to the latest firmware and for new users to make sure wallets arrive without signs of physical damage or packing issues. Ledger does not use tamper proof package seals because they can be counterfeited. You can read Ledger’s response in their blog about the 1.4.1 software update.

Be sure to read the full sweepstakes rules in the first giveaway thread, but don’t enter using that locked thread. Once you’ve signed up, post in this thread to enter. Please browse the site, read some of our original content (like this article on anonymous cryptos,) and feel free to ask questions or post information in any of the forums. Be sure to check out each section guidelines before posting, as some sections aren’t intended for posts about commercial products or offerings. There are separate forums here for those. We’re trying to keep other topics spam-free. Remember, we aren’t going to spam you, so please don’t spam our forums.

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Thanks for reading. Thanks for signing up, and good luck in the drawings on May 4, 2018.