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2018 has certainly gotten off to a roaring start for cryptocurrency, with many altcoins trading at or near all-time highs. Meanwhile, here at the Blockchain Web Group editing desk, we are pleased to announce that we now have all three of our sites live and ready to roll. In addition to The Cryptocurrency Forums site that you are currently visiting, we’ve also created two partner community sites to better organize the enormous breadth of potential cryptocurrency topics. Registered users of the sites will be treated to plenty of free content, and one registered membership is good for access to all three Forums.

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Be sure to bookmark the Home page of The Cryptocurrency Forums for news, how-to guides, feature length articles, videos, and more. The Forums page here will cover broad general topics including beginner’s questions, wallets, exchanges, financial topics, investing tips and techniques, along with specific areas for a few of the highest profile currencies.

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The Altcoin Forums section will be focused on providing users with a site to discuss a much greater number of the many cryptocurrencies and projects being developed, and will provide a starting point for discussions related to Altcoin articles published here on the TCF home page.

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The Ethereum Forums section was created to better organize content for the numerous topics in the Ethereum ecosystem including not only trading and investing but also tokens, ICO’s, smart contract development and more. It will also serve to stimulate further discussions on Ethereum-related topics covered on the main site.

Help us create sites that you want to use. The current setup of topics and categories is just a starting point. We would love to have feedback from users and members regarding site layout, topic categories, thread placement, pretty much everything really. Please stop by the Welcome sections of each Forum site and post your comments, complaints, suggestions, requests, questions or anything else on your mind.

As many have pointed out, 2017 was the year cryptocurrency burst out of the programming labs and into the limelight. Look for 2018 to be the year cryptocurrency and blockchain go fully mainstream. It is certainly an exciting time to be involved. We hope you will find our sites useful.

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Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/TheCCForums/ TC first began coding on TRS-80’s in high school in 1979. He has been around since the early days where you had to create a function if you wanted your computer to do something. From there to Atari, Commodore, Apple, and PC, he’s written code for them all. Trained in medicine rather than tech, he kept up with the tech world by writing the occasional utility to help with medical training. He also got involved in tech investing early, and managed to avoid the boom/bust cycle in the 90’s because he recognized that many companies didn’t serve a product that consumers needed. Now he applies this background, training and investing approach to cryptocurrency. He shares his thoughts here while providing educational resources for beginner to intermediate cryptocurrency investors and users.

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