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    Crypto Markets 2019. What’s next?

    From the front page article, where do you see things going over the next 10 months? Do you agree that way too much crypto junk arose in 2017-18? Or do you think the world needs these coins and more? Crypto markets: Where do we go from here? - The Cryptocurrency Forums Check out our...
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    Video and analysis about OmiseGO.

    Hey, Guys! Let me share a very interesting video and analysis about OmiseGO. This completely and clearly explains how it works in a very simple way!
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    Crypto Market Expansion Predicted

    Former JP Morgan energy analyst and current Coinshares Chairman and Global Shares chief investment officer expects crypto market to expand and predicts more penetration into traditional finance and banking systems...
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    Will crypto assets takeover cryptocurrencies?

    Will crypto assets takeover cryptocurrencies?
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    Perspective and advice from an expert

    I posted this in the Interesting Books and Articles section, but it works here, too. I’m in it for the long haul, so it’s easier to ride this out. But many who bought ATH or bought using more money than they should have are feeling much more pain. Handing your Happiness to Mr. (Crypto)...
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    KZ Map: A new initiative from KZ Cash, Asia’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

    KZ Cash is Asia’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 25000+ visitors on their websites. They have shown a lot of potential in past some time. I bet you have never seen this much growth in this lessen time. The last time I checked they were at 2.9 USD for one 1 KZC. They have estimated 1000...
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    Nice little run going this week.

    See our front page article on this little market run and how the threat of regulation is abating somewhat. Cryptomarket Soars After Regulators Adjust Its Rhetoric - The Cryptocurrency Forums I had said as much several weeks ago when news broke of the supposed Korean “ban” on cryptos. Crypto...
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    ETH price Feb 6, 2018

    Anyone care to hazard a guess on ETH prices going forward? I missed the last run up because I had just committed to an ICO. I wanted to restore my baseline long-term ETH holdings right after that, but I got a little too tricky with my Limit orders and missed at $400 and $450. So I sat back and...