1. HashPi

    Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2018 Reviews

    Your first step into the cryptocurrency world will most likely occur through an exchange. There are two main types of exchanges that we will discuss in this guide. The first type of exchange is what most people call a fiat exchange. This an exchange that allows the direct transfer of US...
  2. J

    Onchain vs. Offchain Order Books

    There has been a lot of debate on whether onchain or offchain order books are better for exchanges. I think onchain is awesome. The cofounder of Ethex wrote this article about the benefits which I think sums it up nicely. What do you all think?
  3. J

    Explaining Blockchain Protocols

    We wrote this article that explains the protocols behind blockchains. If you've ever had questions on how the ethereum blockchain, you should give it a look. Link: Blockchain as a Protocol – adamgdev – Medium
  4. C

    Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report – April

    Cryptocurrency Investor Sentiment Index Report – April One expects overall investor sentiment regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be pessimistic based on their woeful performance in the first quarter of 2018. The surprising thing is that Huobi Academy of Blockchain painted an...
  5. C

    Huobi Pro’s Swift Response to ERC-20 Smartmesh Batchoverflow Bug

    Huobi Pro’s Swift Move to halt ERC-20 Smartmesh Batchoverflow Bug April 22 and April 24 were not pleasant days for ERC-20 token holders and Ethereum community in general, as some exchanges suspended trading ERC-20 token due to integer overflow Smartmesh - issue. The smart contract bug -...
  6. B

    Poloneix Review

    Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can trade your bitcoins with any other cryptocurrencies. With Poloniex, buying and selling cryptocurrencies take seconds. Poloniex allows you to see customized charts. You can easily compare the growth of any cryptocurrencies and buy and sell...