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    In the news a lot lately. Usually Monero but can be others. Sometimes sites will announce their intentions but bury the notice in very small print at the bottom of a page. Other times it just happens without consent. TCF and other Blockchain Web Group sites do NOT use browser mining or load...
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    Has Monero [XMR] mining gotten more difficult?

    During the time of Monero’s initial launch in April 2014, there were neither premine nor instamine, as in, the developers won’t get any portion of the block reward. After the fork, Monero made a lot of improvements like providing more efficiency, privacy, and flexibility to the blockchain. A...
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    Dash and Monero rising quickly tonight

    Some on social media are speculating that the Verge run up and announcement of porn hub partnership has increased interest in other privacy coins. We speculated on that in our Privacy Coins article, which I just updated with the Verge news. Of course, XVG price dropped after the announcement...
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    Finally Monero can be stored on Ledger Wallet.

    Monero Confirms Ledger Wallet Support Is Ready To Go.
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    Just a question for the JavaScript Miners

    Greetings! So i was looking for a way to mine altcoins and I discovered some JavaScript miners, this one caught my attention CoinImp – The only 0% fee JavaScript Mining solution ; but I was wondering what do you guys think about this website? Is it profitable? Looks great imo.
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    Anonymous Privacy Coin Comparison

    Our feature article on privacy coins is up. Monero of course is a big part of crypto anonymity. Take a look and let us know what we got right and what we may have wrong. Or just share your thoughts on Monero in general.