Finally Monero can be stored on Ledger Wallet.

Discussion in 'Hardware wallets' started by Phil Cripps, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Welcome to TCF and thanks for posting. Looks like good news for Monero. We welcome user provided links to their own content. I’d prefer that anyone sharing an article either post a quick summary along with the link, copy the first paragraph or two and/or even embed the accompanying media like this:

    Speaking in an interview during an episode of the Doug Polk Podcast April 9th Spagni added the integration had “already” occurred.

    “We are on Ledger already if you’ve got the dev kit,” he said. “I saw some commits happening today to fix a couple of small issues… I’d hope that probably alongside the Monero 0.12.1 release, there will be official Ledger support.”

    Spagni had also demonstrated the dev kit progress on social media March 30th.”

    This allows for sharing mutual interest in this site and the poster’s site or blog. Thanks again. Please keep posting.
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