Altcoins are shooting


In general, a small local turn is seen on the market, at such times the alts often "shoot", especially when it is backed up by news.

So in the case of IOTA, according to many, the main reason for this growth was the announcement of cooperation with a major IT corporation Fujitsu.
It is worthwhile to understand that after a fast post there is always a correction.
IOTA live price. Check coin market cap of IOT coin

Nasir Lakhany

Right now, it is very fair to say that almost every option is going like that. So, you got to be PREPARED to face it all. I make sure I have many options as my target and Neo is one cool option.

I usually follow up price prediction of neo, it is something that works in favor of making good decisions. But you could and should look for more options as well. However, it must be ones that are WORTH the time and money.


I'm afraid that situation changed dramatically... Maybe now we have time to invest and the big bulls growth will come. I am afraid, however, that we will have to wait until next year. Now you can try to make only a small income on a dynamic price change and quick flips.